Market expansion of stone enterprises: service is the key

With the continuous progress of science and technology and life, people's purchase of products has also improved. The purchase of natural stone products is also very important, but stone consumers are also paying attention to the after-sales service of stone companies.
In the past, home appliances were purchased by going to the mall alone, and they were purchased one by one. Now, there are more marketing methods. In order to get benefits, consumers buy several home appliances together and choose to buy them on holidays or discount days. Some even participate in online group purchases. These all reflect modern service-oriented marketing, allowing consumers to get preferential, satisfactory products and professional services.
After years of development, the stone industry has changed from the single artificial stone exhibition hall and simple purchasing habits in the past to the current real scene and sample display and experiential purchasing habits. Merchants are also trying their best to improve sales services. With the improvement of consumer awareness, there are higher requirements for design effects and decoration styles. They are pursuing their own personality and specifically looking for decoration companies to design and construct. However, many consumers are skeptical of the decoration companies' dishonesty, high fees, and especially large rebates on materials, which makes the owners skeptical. Smart owners even go to the market to understand the market situation. Some consumers directly find decoration companies that are only responsible for design and construction, and the materials are specified by the owners themselves or purchased in the market. This phenomenon has become common.

The key to market expansion of stone enterprises is service

In order to meet the wishes of consumers, many stone merchants have begun to innovate continuously, whether in products, displays or supporting services, to increase retail share. So far, stone marketing has changed a lot. Merchants have worked hard in design and display, and are thoughtful and considerate in service, so that consumers can get "honorable" service. They are learning to sell themselves, beginning to understand what consumers need, beginning to study consumption habits and consumer mentality, and beginning to solve problems for consumers. They also provide door-to-door services, understand the situation and provide maintenance guidance.

The author learned from the conversation with consumers: "The service is much better now. I just wanted to come and see the products, but I was moved by the sincere service of the shopping guide. Sometimes not only the transaction is successful, but also a few friends in the stone industry are made." They also said: "Sometimes buying a product is buying a service. If you feel good, you buy it. In fact, the requirements for the product are not that high. The key is to get the other party's enthusiasm and respect when buying, and to be satisfied if someone cares about you when using it and problems can be solved quickly." Through the hearts of consumers, we should think that more care and more love, and professional service will have real rewards. Stone sales are no longer the cold shopping in the past. It should be rich in stone culture, with real-life display and application effects, professional shopping guidance and sincere service attitude, so that the stone industry can develop healthily.
Visiting major stone markets, it is found that big brand companies attach more importance to service, treat people politely, and solve real decoration troubles from the perspective of customers, but most small brands cannot achieve such an effect. The product quality and display application are not so satisfactory, and the service attitude cannot keep up. The ratio of the two affects the transaction effect. As a competitive stone marketing, more efforts in management and marketing, product quality is guaranteed, and service quality is improved, which is a good advantage for market competition. Only focusing on product quality without paying attention to service, or focusing on service but not keeping up with product quality, will hinder the healthy development of the enterprise. Only by improving product quality, establishing brand image, and keeping up with marketing services can it help the enterprise. The current popular service marketing is group buying, which is a group buying activity that integrates joy, shopping, eating, traveling, and playing. It reflects consumers' innovative consumption methods and living habits. At present, many companies are promoting it, and the effect is good. It is recommended that companies be more innovative and more affordable in their operating methods to be the winners in the end. The quality of stone is critical, but stone companies should also pay attention to service capabilities.