Natural Granite

TMMT provides customers with high-quality natural granite materials through strict screening according to the national surface plate standards and the TMMT standard. TMMT has a material laboratory to test raw materials and track performance of material over long-term.

Why Granite?

The following characteristics of granite make it an ideal material for precision components:

μ Level  Tolerance

μ Level Tolerance

Wear  Resistance

Wear Resistance

Low  Expansion

Low Expansion

High Vibration  Damping

High Vibration Damping

Low Thermal  Conductivity

Low Thermal Conductivity

Corrosion  Resistance

Corrosion Resistance

Non  Rusting

Non Rusting

Non  Conductive

Non Conductive

Non  Magnetic

Non Magnetic

Non  Flammable

Non Flammable

If you need more detailed material test report or design consultation, TMMT engineers are willing to help.

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Enterprise culture

TMMT Focus On

Enhancing Processing Capacity

TMMT experienced engineers has continuously upgraded the granite manufacturing process. We have eliminated multiple outdated process and replaced with self-developed high-precision and multifunctional equipment to meet higher requirements proposed by customers. Currently the factory is equipped with 200 machining equipment, total area of 8000㎡ climate workshops, and high-precision measuring equipment.  We could process a single product with 13000m length, holes with diameter of 0.5mm, groove with 0.3mm width and geometric tolerance of 1μm.

Long-term Stable Product Quality:

TMMT certified to ISO-9001 in 2006. We have continuously invested in measuring equipment and upgraded production and measuring processes for many years. Based on national and industrial standard, TMMT has introduced stricter enterprise standards to provide customers long-term high-quality products and services.

Protection Of Customers' Intellectual Property

TMMT holds number of software copyrights and uses a customized ERP system to manage customers' drawings and technical documents. Ensure the security of customer drawings and technical information through strict permission management system. 

Environmental Protection And Social Responsibility: 

TMMT certified to ISO-14001 and ISO-45001. Over many years, TMMT has continuously invested in development of new materials and environmental protection equipment to reach zero-emission. TMMT has significantly reduced production waste and carbon emissions by recycling of filtered waste. 

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