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TMMT set up machine tool product department in 2012, and has developed and put into production more than 100 machines in different sizes, structures and functions, made of natural or artificial granite. Based on practical experience, TMMT continuously develop the technology of using natural or artificial granite materials to make machine beds and different structures for different accuracy or function needs, providing the best solution for customers in the machine tool industry.

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Natural/Artificial Granite Machine Frame

X-axis travel 1800 mm
Y-axis travel 1400 mm
Z-axis travel 800 mm
working desk size 1800*1200 mm
T-slot dimensions
(Number of slots - size * spacing)
3-22*380 mm
Maximum load-bearing capacity of workbench 4000 kg
Optical machine weight 15000 kg
Optical machine size 3200*2408*3300 mm


Natural Granite

Pulley block

Artificial Granite

Pulley block
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Decades of Practical Experience

TMMT set up machine tool product department in 2012. It has researched and delivered more than 100 machines with different sizes and function, made of natural or artificial granite to TMMT production department, and continuously recorded the precision performance of these machines during production. After years of recording, compared with cast iron, machine centers made of natural or artificial granite have stable and reliable processing accuracy. Because of the characteristics of granite such as corrosion resistance and rust resistance, maintenance costs are low. In 2012, TMMT designed and brought into production a granite machine tool with hard rail structure, which can still achieve 2 μm within full length through current retesting of the straightness of hard rails.

If you need help in design or any other consultation, TMMT engineers are willing to help.

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Long-term Stable Product Quality:

TMMT certified to ISO-9001 in 2006. We have continuously invested in measuring equipment and upgraded production and measuring processes for many years. Based on national and industrial standard, TMMT has introduced stricter enterprise standards to provide customers long-term high-quality products and services.