With more than 40 years of precision manufacturing experience, TMMT provides customers in fields such as automation, aerospace, semiconductor, solar energy, FPD, industrial metrology, optical instruments, precision machining, laser, grinder, precision machine tools with services including design, structural analysis, manufacturing, assembly, on-site installation and tuning, maintenance.

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Design & Structural Analysis

Based on years of practical experience in manufacturing, TMMT provides customers with designs of natural granite, artificial granite and ceramic parts. Analysis of structure deformation under various conditions with FEA tools to optimize component design. TMMT has continuously upgraded and standardized the manufacturing process of precision non-metallic materials over the years. With ensuring of stable and reliable accuracy, TMMT engineers perform cost optimization analysis on parts to provide customers the best cost-effective solutions.


According to drawings, TMMT performs cutting, planing, milling, grinding, drilling, turning, and lapping on natural granite, artificial granite, ceramics, and metal to meet accuracy requirements from customers, and provides detailed and comprehensive inspection reports. Whether it is single piece or batch production, TMMT self-developed machines work perfectly with our customized MES will meet the capacity needs from different customers.

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Climate Room Assembly

TMMT is equipped with a total area of 8000㎡ climate workshop, which allow to assemble precision racks, linear guides, precision screw rods, and linear motors in a constant temperature and humidity environment.  Customers can directly provide parts and deliver them to the workshop of TMMT according to order. Or make a request of purchasing by TMMT, we will buy qualified parts according to customers’ technical documents. All parts will go through professional and comprehensive testing upon arrival at TMMT factory. Before delivery, we will provide customers with a comprehensive inspection report with test results.  With the help of climate workshop and 1000 grade clean room, the best assembly accuracy can reach 1 μm/m.

On-site Installation

TMMT can assemble and commission at the customer's site and perform the final test according to the customer's needs or product features to meet the high-accuracy requirements of customers. TMMT can also test and repair the customer's granite components or platforms on site. Utilize the practical experience of TMMT engineers to recover the accuracy of granite components according to customer’s specific requirements.