Measuring Tools

TMMT provides precision measuring tools in different sizes and accuracy, which are ideal for flatness, perpendicularity, parallelism and roundness testing. Including surface plates, edge rulers, angle rulers, square rulers, V-blocks, measuring bases and other products. TMMT measuring tools could be used for detecting, processing, measuring, and calibrating different physical parameters of various measuring equipment or devices.

Measuring Base

Measuring base could be made of natural granite or artificial granite, and packed with aluminum packaging box. Each product includes an inspection report of the product, as well as a  maintenance manual.


Size mm Column Height mm Column Diameter
Measuring Surface Flatness µm Measuring Height Range mm
150 100 40 150 30 2 0~100
200 150 50 300 30 2 0~250
300 200 50 300 30 2 0~250